We do not plan to wipe now, or in the near future. There may be unforseen circumstances where we may be forced to start over. Ultimately Citadel Studios is in control of Character Data right now, and if they decide to force a wipe; we're at their mercy. We have discussed means of recuperating lost progress with the possibility of things like Skill Tokens and House Deed replacements.

Is this server going to wipe?

Player bank-boxes are per-character and can be accessed from any town.

Are Bank Boxes local?

We do not yet have the rights to use custom assets including art/sounds/maps, etc. -- A member of the community has taken on the project of recreating the UO Britannia map for Unity and for the sake of using it on LoA community servers. In the future we plan to try to use this.

Do you have the UO Map?

Right click it and choose Release, or say "All Release" and target the pet.

How do I release my pet?

Our crafting system currently is inspired by *old-school* UO where the metals were a matter of rarity, style and collectability. When you craft items they arre either Basic (similar to the Ruin tier of dropped items) or Exceptional (the Vanquishing/Invulnerable tier of dropped items). We understand that many feel that this is not "deep" enough, but at this time the Staff are working on other systems.

Why do weapons and armor of different materials provide nearly the same benefits?