• GM Alchemists can now craft New Potent Potions (100 Alchemy Required).
    - Fresh Ingredients can only be found by Harvesting Rare Plants via Gardening or through Player Economy.
    - Potent Potions require 4 Fresh Ingredients and 2 Moss in order to craft and GM skill.
    - Depending upon the Potent Potion Type, value range is increased, or duration is increased, or charges are increased.
    - Potent Deadly Poison now provides 20 charges, instead of 12 of Deadly Poison, but has the same Poison Level.
    - Potent Nightsight now provide 1 Hour of clear sight at night, and is more powerful than the spell.
    - Potent Invisibility now provides 5 minutes of invisibility.
    - More Fun Potions are coming to Alchemy, as more Fresh Ingredients exist than are currently being used.

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