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  • Shovels now have a Toggle Default option when you right click them to choose which option you want the shovel to do when you use it. This change is retroactive and all pre-existing shovels will be switched to Dig automatically. Please use the new option to change it to Garden if you would like to....
  • The Magic Broker with cheaper prices and greater quantities has arrived in Moonglow's mage shop.
    - Enchanting items can be sold to Mages and the Magic Broker.
  • (the completed) Gardening Broker with cheaper prices and greater quantities has arrived in Ocllo.
  • Garden Bag Price Reduced to 2k from 10k.
    - All Rare Seeds Removed From Garden Bag, and currently Rare Seeds cannot be purchased from NPCs.
    - Stanis O' Mathis has entered Bucs Den selling Gardening Supplies.
  • An issue has been resolved with items for sale on a player vendor not allowing account owners to use or see the options Change Price and Remove From Sale
    - An issue has been resolved with Notoriety not being confirmed or punished for splitting stacks from player corpses
    - A recipe has been added t...
  • The wagon to Minoc has been moved from Moonglow to Magincia (half way between Magincia Mines and Helm's Crossroads to the south-west of Magincia)
    - Fisherman's Wharf is now only accessible from Vesper's docks (not Cove, Papua or Ocllo), and only goes back to Vesper at this time.
    - The teleporter f...
  • Ocllo field now spawns twice as many wheat plants
    - The farmers in Ocllo's fields have put up a signpost so they could tell the wheat and cotton apart (but you can hold CTRL while in the field)

  • Bless Spell now prevents Dispel on Magery Summoned Creatures.
    - This was a player recommended enhancement, as so many caster creatures cast Dispel often.
    - If Players keep their Bless Buffs cycled nicely on their Mage Summons, then the Dispel spell is completely nullified in battle, but if the Ble...
  • Rare Seeds were placed inside Garden Bags on the Garden Vendors by mistake.
    - These will be removed by end of day today, so stock up before they are gone!
    - As a reminder, Rare Seeds drops from stronger magical creatures, off Fishing mobs, and inside Treasure Chests.
    - We will continue to monitor...
  • Create Food spell now provides very minimal hunger restoration compared to very effective garden produce.
    - Grow rates from Seedling to Full Grown Plant are now 6 hours, down from 24 hours at launch (subject to change).
    - Plants atop their Garden Beds now give you the ability to Examine Plant (thi...
  • An issue has been resolved preventing players from dragging a button from the skill window to the hot bar
    - An issue has been resolved with corpses being teleported off of plots automatically

All cities and parts of the world have been getting some specialisation recently and more is to come.
- The sewers in Britain has been dramatically reduced in size and spawns.
- The sewers now connects to a teleporter near the mage shop in Papua, allowing either end to be equally accessible.
- Ocllo...

  • Plants should now scale correctly, but won't take effect until new plants are created.
    - Seed Salvage should now properly fire when the plant is consumed.
    - Shovel range for Dig/Thunters should be restored.
    - Grow rates have been reduced to half a day, instead of a full day, as an experiment (Subj...
  • Gardening: Who wouldn't want to grow their own reagents? Definitely easier said than done! The race towards Green Thumb begins, and be sure to read the Wiki for the nitty-gritty deets, and watch the tutorial video for Gardening in the Wiki!
    - Camping: Discover the wonderful world of Camping with...
  • Riverside vendors are now neutral. So both blue and red players can bank and shop
    - Smoking pipe has been added as a fletching craftable
  • All NPC mages once again sell moss, at the original price but at a much lower quantity.
    - All NPC mages and alchemists now have lower amounts of regs.
    - Gardening well has been moved from furnishings to tools in the carpentry menu.

The Moonglow Mage is once again selling Moss.
This is overpriced moss in limited quantities for those that need it before the gardening patch comes out.

  • An issue has been resolved with Lumberjacking not receiving the appropriate harvest bonuses from both GM Lumberjacking and GM Forestry secondary skill level
    - An issue has been resolved with Gargoyle Pickaxe & Uncle Tuk's Hatchet dropping as legacy items -- newly created ones will be correct, thi...