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  • You no longer need to remove an enchantment on a skill before applying a new one.
    - Enchantments can now be upgraded at any rank directly.

    This means you only need to get lucky once at rank 1, then you can work on that enchantment to bring it up to rank 4.

Snooping, Stealing, Disarm, Hotbars QOL Mega Update
- New Skills: Snooping and Stealing (https://legendsofultima.gamepedia.com/Stealing & https://legendsofultima.gamepedia.com/Snooping)
- New Combat Ability: Disarm, replaces Meditation on the Q hotbar icon (https://legendsofultima.gamepedia.com...

  • Forestry Broker has arrived in Yew, buys and sells fletching/lumberjacking/carpentry items, including buying boards, at better value
    - Mining Broker has arrived in Magincia, buys and sells blacksmithing/mining items, including buying ingots, at better value
    - Treasure Hunting Broker has arrived in...
  • Veterinary now follows UO formulas for pet healing scaled to the Pet Health.
    - Bandage Slip now reduces Heal Amount by 10% per hit taken, following UO formulas.
    - Lich mobs have been tweaked with new Voice/Animation/Speech and have been re-balanced to be more like UO.
  • Players can now successfully Add Fertilizer during any stage of the planting process where it is a valid option.
  • Hunger now shows on the Paperdoll, and updates in real time when eating, or progressing to a hangry state.
    - Starvation, Hungry, Peckish, and Full now have unique Chat Window messages, so players can focus on those.
    - Starvation is the only Hunger state that causes the Stats Debuff, but eating unt...
  • All treasure chest spawned mobs have been adjusted to allow for Bard skills to function properly. (Thanks for the bug report, Rezo!)
  • Farmers/Chefs now correctly sell potatoes and tomatoes (thanks for the bug report FahQ!)
    - Farmers/Chefs loved that very quick bug report so much that they now also buy and sell broccoli, cucumbers and onions as well.
    - The Ethereals and Event Tokens vendors have moved nearby Magincia bank, city o...
  • Farmers and Chefs now sell bread, fruit and vegetables
    - Farmers and Chefs now buy grown fruit and vegetables, including apples, oranges, pears, lemons, potatoes and tomatoes.
    - You say tomato, I say tomato, you say potato, I say potato.
    - New Farmers and Chefs have shown up in certain towns wher...

Thank you to all of our armed service members who made the ultimate sacrifice for us. We remember you and your sacrifice today. Thanks to all of our active duty and retired military as well! We appreciate you and your service! Happy Memorial Day!

  • As the race for GM Gardener heats up, we have created a fully Blessed Server Unique "The First Green Thumb Suit."
    - The winner will also have their name immortalized in LoU lore, as "The Founding Father/Mother of Gardening!"
    - May The Best Gardener Win!!!
    - FRONT = https://cdn.discordapp.com/atta...

With the fall of the Orc Warchief and his legions, the orcs have retreated back to their main camp, leaving Vesper in peace and its surrounds available for housing and expansion. Huzzah!

  • Added 30 Second Cool-down timer on newly made Garden Beds/Plants, preventing quick Destroys of Beds/Plants.
    - Added Toggle Defaults to the Gardening Scythe, allowing players to set the Default to Mow Grass or Kill Plant.
  • Bandages now have a maximum healing potential of 64 with a single bandage.
    - Several QOL Message/Effect/Sound improvements for Healing.
    - ClearAllEffects command "/ce" now handles all Effects and Sounds.
  • Treasure Map Mobs No Longer See Invisible (Unless Gazer).
  • Skill book trainers added to several towns where they were missing (should be in every town now)
    - Training dummies added to several towns that had none (near the bulletin boards and blacksmiths usually)
    - Yew now has a barmaid, barber, jeweller, chef, notary and a skills trainer. Already has a ba...
  • The recipe for the Ornate Bookshelf not being able to be memorized has been resolved
    - Another issue was resolved with the Ornate Bookshelf not appearing in the Carpentry menu
  • Lowered Bandages Durations, which are now using (7-14 second) Bandage Self and (3-5 second) Bandage Players/Pets, depending on the standard Dex and Anatomy Skill formulas.
    - For Example, 100 Dex + 100 Anatomy = 7 Second Self Heal.
    - Added QOL bandage data messages to the chat window, updated Icons...
  • Can now mark runes in dungeons and quick-travel to them
    - Reduced the rune block radius by 50% (fixes people blocking a rune from too far away)
  • Bone armor no longer grants Passive Mana Regeneration without penalty.
    - Bone armor continues to have no Dex penalty, but now has slightly Reduced Armor too.
    - This only applies to new Bone Armor drops in the world, as legacy armor will keep their values, but we expect Macer Warriors to handle tha...