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  • The server is now upgraded to the server to the latest build requiring Client version 0.8.8.x -- please make sure you have the latest client from the http://legendsofaria.com/dashboard to connect to LOU
    - Fixed loading screen images not showing, previously showed a blank black screen
    - Fixed /op...
  • Fixed issue with Magic Reflect breaking melee combat in some cases
    - Fixed issue with Stealing not grabbing some from a large stack of items/extremely heavy stack
    - The Dread Horse's strength and hit points have been corrected from 100ish HP to 500ish HP as intended
    - The Fire Steed has had it's h...
  • An issue with Poison Field not applying Poison to targets properly has been resolved
    - An issue with Stealing not moving the stolen item to the thief upon successful theft has been resolved
  • Runebooks can no longer be opened on player vendors or pack animals
    - Snooping now has a 1 second cooldown before being able to use the skill again
    - An issue has been resolved with items on player vendors not being able to be interacted with
    - Trapped pouches should now reveal snoopers + adds...
  • Added Fishing Bag with Stack All Fishing option.
  • Players can now see their Seeds and Soil Counts within the Gardening UI.
    - We recommend using a dedicated Pouch as Toggled Gardening Bag, and do Stack All Gardening.
    - If you decide to use your base backpack, this will work too, but Garden Bag has Stack All Gardening QOL.
    - Link = https://imgur....
  • Faction Tower in Upper Plains should now be on a correct 2 hour respawn. The buff should now display the 25% bonus properly, pending restart for the buff display.

    - New Faction Stones in towns!!

    First test stone is in Moonglow close to the inn.

    If two players of the same faction, and only of that...
  • Added a simple Vendors List option to plot mailboxes (via right click menu)
    - Added /reloadui command to hopefully alleviate issues where player healthbar(s) and hotbar(s) disappears
    - The 3 new instruments can be equipped and all bard actions can be used while having it equipped
    - Backpack of pla...
  • Issue with fame going over the max allowed causing the Dread title to not display when it should
    - Begging record now gets cleared on town vendors periodically allowing beggars to attempt begging them again
    - Escorts now have Dungeons on their Destinations list! They will pay 2x as much for taking...
  • The Farmer/Chef vendors now purchase Fresh Ingredients for good prices, at 8gp each.

Bards and Carpenters Rejoice: New Instruments
- 3 new instruments have been added to Carpentry: Bamboo Flute, Lute, and Drum
- They all require 45 Musicianship to craft along with Carpentry
- They have progressively increasing durability, in order from Lowest to Highest: Flute (regular), Drum, Lute...

  • An issue with fishing Sea Creatures to shore has been resolved; you should now be able to use the Fishing ability and target a sea creature that is spawned in the water and bring it to shore
    - An issue has been resolved with locked down paragon chests or other containers sometimes not receiving th...
  • You no longer need to remove an enchantment on a skill before applying a new one.
    - Enchantments can now be upgraded at any rank directly.

    This means you only need to get lucky once at rank 1, then you can work on that enchantment to bring it up to rank 4.

Snooping, Stealing, Disarm, Hotbars QOL Mega Update
- New Skills: Snooping and Stealing (https://legendsofultima.gamepedia.com/Stealing & https://legendsofultima.gamepedia.com/Snooping)
- New Combat Ability: Disarm, replaces Meditation on the Q hotbar icon (https://legendsofultima.gamepedia.com...

  • Forestry Broker has arrived in Yew, buys and sells fletching/lumberjacking/carpentry items, including buying boards, at better value
    - Mining Broker has arrived in Magincia, buys and sells blacksmithing/mining items, including buying ingots, at better value
    - Treasure Hunting Broker has arrived in...
  • Veterinary now follows UO formulas for pet healing scaled to the Pet Health.
    - Bandage Slip now reduces Heal Amount by 10% per hit taken, following UO formulas.
    - Lich mobs have been tweaked with new Voice/Animation/Speech and have been re-balanced to be more like UO.
  • Players can now successfully Add Fertilizer during any stage of the planting process where it is a valid option.
  • Hunger now shows on the Paperdoll, and updates in real time when eating, or progressing to a hangry state.
    - Starvation, Hungry, Peckish, and Full now have unique Chat Window messages, so players can focus on those.
    - Starvation is the only Hunger state that causes the Stats Debuff, but eating unt...
  • All treasure chest spawned mobs have been adjusted to allow for Bard skills to function properly. (Thanks for the bug report, Rezo!)
  • Farmers/Chefs now correctly sell potatoes and tomatoes (thanks for the bug report FahQ!)
    - Farmers/Chefs loved that very quick bug report so much that they now also buy and sell broccoli, cucumbers and onions as well.
    - The Ethereals and Event Tokens vendors have moved nearby Magincia bank, city o...